National Reports & Trends

Know what is happening in Germany.

Together with our partners in the DIP network, we compile the “Market and Facts” report once a year, outlining the main developments and trends on the real estate market and providing a detailed presentation of the most important German real estate markets for office space, retail, investments and logistics.
In 2008, Aengevelt Research developed the Aengevelt residential investment index “AWI” as a qualified scientific guide to the residential investment market. It regularly collects the assessments of around 200 experts from all areas of the housing industry regarding trends and developments on the market.

All downloads are free of charge for you. And if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • DIP Half-Year Report 2022 Publication date: July 2022 (in german)
  • DIP balance of the German office markets Q1-Q3 2021 Publication date: October 2021 (in german)
  • DIP Half-Year Report 2021 Publication date: July 2021 (in german)
  • DIP balance of the German office markets Q1-Q3 2020 Publication date: October 2020 (in german)
  • DIP Half-Year Report 2020 Publication date: July 2020 (in german)
  • AWI Winter survey 2023/24 Publication date: December 2023 (in german)
  • AWI Summer survey 2022 Publication date: July 2022 (in german)
  • AWI Winter survey 2021 Publication date: January 2022 (in german)
  • AWI Summer survey 2021 Publication date: July 2021 (in german)
  • Anegevelt Research: Recovery trends in the hospitality industry. Publication date: 02.09.2022 (in German)
  • Aengevelt Research analyses federal programme for the development of inner cities. Publication date: 15.08.2022 (in German)
  • Aengevelt Research: Even after the pandemic, the retail sector must prepare for a longer lean period. Publication date: 08.06.2022 (in German)
  • Aengevelt Research: Stable demand for space despite proliferation of home offices. Publication date: 31.05.2022 (in German)
  • Carbon Cost Allocation Act. Publication date: 27.05.2022 (in German)
  • Housing target unattainable. Aengevelt calls for new construction offensive. Publication date: 24.05.2022 (in German)

Magdalena Kolak