An instrument for every child.

The emphasis is on musical education irrespective of age.

Education and culture play a crucial role in the development of our society and in how we take care of our community. That is why Stiftung Musik in Sachsen and its partners are committed to ensuring that Saxony maintains a rich musical tradition.

At the heart of the foundation's work is musical education that is independent of age. The Foundation encourages and promotes various music initiatives in Saxony. The goal of the foundation’s work is to highlight the importance of music in our society and to become a Saxon counterpart to large music foundations in the long term.


Young musicians and their projects.

The foundation's work focuses on supporting young musicians, for example in buying instruments, promoting various music education programmes and a range of youth projects centred on music. Dr Wulff Aengevelt is a member of the Board of Trustees.


Quality and historical heritage make music from Saxony what it is today.

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