Attention. Security. Guidance.

The St. Raphael Haus is a haven for children, adolescents and young adults.

This institution, run by the Caritasverband Düsseldorf e.V., mainly works with adolescents with and without disabilities who are not given the necessary care and support in their families.

Attention, security, guidance and community are the core principles. At the same time, however, the institution also promotes individual development - this includes careful schooling with support for homework, targeted individual support and a wide range of music and movement education.


Special focus on promoting ideals.

The Aengevelt family is a financial sponsor of the St. Raphael Haus, founded in 1871, but the main goal is the promotion of ideals. We are currently helping to fund the renovation of the new community house, to be named after Willi Aengevelt, for 45 children.


It is worth supporting projects that really help people.

Please join our efforts if you can.

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