Integration. Guidance. Helping families.

Living space and well-being for disabled children and young people.

The inclusive home for children and adolescents “Arche Noah”, run by Pfeiffersche Stiftung, offers housing and day-time activities for disabled children and adolescents within the on-site structures of the facility. It was founded in 1996. Dedicated support and social guidance provide the children and adolescents with a secure and safe family-like environment to make them a little “fitter” for life.

Another important task is providing support for people with mental disabilities who are parents of a child or who are expecting a child. “Arche Noah” offers them the chance to live their lives together.

Even since the inclusive children's and adolescents’ home “Arche Noah” opened its door, Aengevelt has been supporting its ideals.


Helping people join life.

Aengevelt has been promoting ideals and providing financial support since “Arche Noah” was founded. Supporting people in need on their way to join life is both an obligation and a joy for us.

It is worth supporting projects that really help people.

Please join our efforts if you can.

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Integratives Kinder- und Jugendheim Arche Noah
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