Düsseldorf's lively art scene.

Because art is a piece of joie de vivre.

Since 1965, the Förderverein has supported the Museum Kunstpalast Foundation, which now includes the Kunstpalast, the NRW-Forum, the Glasmuseum Hentrich and the Robert Schumann Hall. With over 2000 members, the non-profit association strengthens the institutions both financially and ideally as a companion and creative stimulus. From the beginning, the central task has been to expand the collection of the Kunstpalast by acquiring important works of art. With great success: the collection of the Friends of the Kunstpalast includes over 200 works - from Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Christiane Baumgartner to Andy Warhol, Joseph Beuys, Paloma Varga Weisz and Henrike Naumann.


Art events

In addition to the joint promotion of art and culture, the association cultivates interpersonal relations with invitations to events that facilitate encounters and exchange.Aengevelt has been a member, friend and financial supporter of the association since 1994.


Promoting art and culture is an enrichment for the enjoyment of all.

Please join our efforts if you can.

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