A real friend for life.

To make being ill a little bit more bearable for children.

Being ill is bad. But it is even worse if children and their families are left alone with an illness. The Hospital for Children and Adolescents in Berlin-Buch treats and cares for chronically ill children, some of them in special outpatient clinics and over several years.

Founded in 1992, the association “Icke in Buch e.V.” helps children to be as positive about their stay in the hospital as possible and to forget their illness every now and then with child-friendly equipment in the hospital rooms, school rooms and playrooms, through weekly clown visits, music, art and dance therapies, crafts and much more.

The association also provides dedicated financial assistance in family emergencies.


Relieving worries. Creating joy.

Better quality of life for sick children and their families. Aengevelt and their partners have been involved right from the start - in support and promotion of “ICKE in Buch e.V.”


It is worth supporting projects that really help people.

Please join our efforts if you can.

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