An initiative against loss.

Poverty is not just a lack of financial and material resources.

Poverty also leads to the loss of social and societal contacts. In response to this, a group with strong social commitment founded the association "Arm und Reich an einem Tisch e.V." in 1998, renamed as "Grenzenlos e.V.” in 2001. In the restaurant “grenzenlos” on the Kronprinzenstrasse, run by the association, even those with limited financial means can afford a warm meal. Under the motto “those who eat together also talk to each other”, the goal is dismantling borders and helping citizens affected by poverty to strengthen and regain their self-esteem.

“grenzenlos” also offers social support with social and life skills, for example assistance when dealing with authorities and in finding specialist advice.


For more quality of life.

Since 1999, Aengevelt has been promoting the ideals, providing financial support and is an active member of the advisory board with Dr Wulff Aengevelt. More community. Against loneliness and for more quality of life.


It is worth supporting projects that really help people.

Please join our efforts if you can.

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