Human rights and democracy.

Developing solutions for non-violent and hate-free communities.

Frankfurt, where Anne Frank lived with her family until 1933, has been home to the educational centre “Anne Frank e.V.” since 1996, located not far from her former home. The Centre sees itself as a provider of political education and counselling in order to raise awareness among adolescents and young adults for anti-Semitism and other forms of misanthropy.

Offering exhibitions, training courses, workshops, specialist conferences, cultural events and counselling services, the educational centre reaches a broad and diverse audience, basing its multifaceted engagement on Anne Frank’s dream of a world without hate and violence.


Education. Counselling. Guidance.

Aengevelt shares the ideals of the Anne Frank Educational Centre and has been providing financial support since 1996 to help the centre’s team of 50 permanent employees with their commitment to human rights and solidarity.


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