The festival for theatre, music, contemporary circus and dance.

500 artists from around the world in more than 60 events - this is “Düsseldorf Festival!”

What began in 1991 as a private initiative to revitalise the cultural scene in Düsseldorf's city centre has developed into an international cultural festival well known beyond Düsseldorf,

with events ranging from innovative, large-scale dance, musical theatre and contemporary circus productions as well as (chamber) music performances to experimental crossover projects. Not just at the focal point of the Theatre Tent in the historic centre but also at new and unusual locations across Düsseldorf.


The development of art and culture.

: Aengevelt has been involved with the extraordinary event that is Düsseldorf Festival! since its inception. Dr Lutz Aengevelt is also a member of the board of trustees.

Promoting art and culture is an enrichment that brings joy to all.

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