For the well-being of children.

Children who have been affected by violence and sexual abuse need very special care and support to prevent further traumatization.

That's why the primary goal of a Childhood House is the well-being of the child through interdisciplinary care under one roof. This includes medical care, social and psychological support, questioning by personnel from the social services, police and judicial sectors who have been specially trained to deal with traumatized children, and an overall speedier procedure in the best interests of the child.

The Childhood Houses are initiated by the World Childhood Foundation, established by Queen Silvia of Sweden in 1999, and each is supported by national volunteer boards of trustees.

Following the first German Childhood Houses in Leipzig (2018, co-funded by Aengevelt) and Heidelberg (2019), the third Childhood House was opened in Düsseldorf in November 2020 under the sponsorship of the University Hospital Düsseldorf.

The Childhood House Düsseldorf was made possible, among others, by the financial support of the Heinz and Hildegard Schmöle Foundation, Dr. Wulff Aengevelt, the Postcode Lottery, the van Meeteren Foundation and the Fritz Henkel Foundation. Aengevelt was also a member of the round table for the initiation of the Düsseldorf Childhood House chaired by the President of the Higher Regional Court, Dr. Werner Richter, and has been a friend and supporter of the facility ever since.


A solution for the child.


The children are our future and need support.

Please join our efforts if you can.

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