Building and maintaining relationships.

Understanding and friendship are the basis for a shared future.

The association “Deutsch-Russische Freundschaft Düsseldorf-Moskau e.V.” was founded in 1991 with the aim of helping in need children in hospitals and orphanages in Moscow.

Thanks to the extraordinary support of Düsseldorf’s citizens, the association has been able to organise aid transports worth more than € 13 million to date. This humanitarian support also paved the way for the town twinning of Düsseldorf and Moscow.

Today, the focus of the association is on communication, maintaining contacts and relationships and the cultural exchange through reciprocal visits of ballet companies, opera ensembles and artists. The school exchange between schools in Düsseldorf and Moscow is very popular among young people.


Education. Counselling. Guidance.

Since early 1993, Aengevelt has been promoting the ideals of the association and providing financial support as one of its members. Humanitarian and cultural commitment is especially important in difficult times.

It is worth supporting projects that support people and foster better cooperation.

Please join our efforts if you can.

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